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‘Die Hard’ Actor Blasts Chuck Schumer Over Border Wall Hypocrisy

In the liberal world of Hollywood, it’s rare to find any actor who is brave enough to risk his or her career to slam Democrats and defend President Donald Trump. That’s why it came as such a welcome surprise when Die Hard actor Robert Davi did just that in an epic video that was posted to social media on Wednesday!

Davi took to Twitter to call out Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi for their hypocrisy when it comes to Trump’s border wall. In the video, Davi reminds Schumer that it was just a few years ago that the Senate Majority Leader voted in favor of a border wall. Now that Trump is trying to get a border wall built, however, Schumer is acting as if he was never in favor of such a wall. In other words, he is completely lying to the American people, and the mainstream media is letting him get away with it by refusing to call him out for his hypocrisy.

“Dear Mr. Schumer, I find that what you’re doing is absolutely disingenuous,” Davi begins. “You’re lying to the American people. How many times are you going to sit there like a rotting corpse with a [bald-faced] lie on your face? I saw you, sir, vote for a wall! You voted for a wall, sir, several years ago, so did Ms. Pelosi. So did the Democratic Party when they asked for $50 million for border security…How come the networks aren’t showing your flip-flopping?”

We applaud Davi for reminding his fans that Schumer and Pelosi were both very much in favor of a border wall just a few years ago and the only reason that they have changed their minds now is that Trump is the one who is trying to build it. These two Democrats hate Trump so much that they are willing to see our country fail just to ensure that he will not succeed in fulfilling his promise to make America great again. We need more stars like Davi to come forward and expose these Democrats for the lying hypocrites that they are!

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