UFC Fight Night Brooklyn Results: Cowboy Cerrone Beats Some Respect Into Young Punk

Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone may be getting old, but when a young punk like Alexander Hernandez gets uppity, it's time to teach him respect.

At the press conference earlier this week, young punk Alexander Hernandez took a gigantic crap on veteran fan-favorite Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. Seriously, Hernandez took every opportunity to talk trash, and describe how he wreck old man Cerrone.

Keep in mind that Hernandez has fought twice in the Octagon. Cowboy has been a UFC fighter since 2011.

So they meet in the cage in the final ESPN prelim, and as usual, Hernandez is 100% pressure and aggression.

And Cowboy just destroys him. Punches that never missed? Yeah, Cowboy threw them. Knees to the chest whenever Hernandez tried to shoot in? Yeah, Cowboy threw them. There were elbows. There were kicks.

In fact, Cowboy threw so many to the body that, when the time was right in the second round, Cowboy made like he was going to throw another to the body but instead went up top – and landed flush to Hernandez’s head.

Hernandez went down and was soon pounded out. Guess who learned an important lesson in respect?

In his post fight interview, Cowboy calls out Conor McGregor. Raise your hand if you want to see that one?

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