Could Another Superstar Be Departing WWE Soon?

-If it feels like there’s an ongoing mass exodus from WWE, it’s because there might just be. Hot on the heels of Superstars either asking for their release (The Revival, Mike Kanellis) or informing officials they will let their contract expire (Dean Ambrose), we have another name to discuss.

205 Live talent Hideo Itami has requested his release from WWE. There are conflicting reports as to whether or not it was granted yet. One early report stated that he was in fact granted his release, with a 90 day non-compete provision. Another more recent report indicates no such release has been granted thus far, per PWInsider.

It’s believed that WWE may be granting the release either under the condition, or with the understanding, that Itami wishes to return home to Japan and work in his homeland.

Regardless of whether it was granted or not, Hideo Itami has already made the change official, if you consider social networking to be official. His Twitter account no longer refers to him as Itami, but instead has gone back to Kenta.

In addition to the change, plenty of WWE Superstars have tweeted well wishes to him.

It’s a shame to see Itami go, given how much promise he showed when WWE first signed him. He was on the rise in NXT before he was bitten hard by the injury bug. Once he returned, he never quite got back on track. While he jumped from NXT to 205 Live, it’s hard to think he lived up to the hype when he signed.

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