Cher Spews Her ‘White Men’ Hatred All Over Trump’s Cabinet

cher trump cabinet

Singer and outspoken liberal Cher recently said she “can’t wait” until members of the Trump administration – particularly white men – go to jail.

Singling out white men exclusively is humorous in a sense and reminds us just how ridiculous the left has become in their obsession with identity politics. As Breitbart notes, “Among the ‘white men’ in Trump’s cabinet (take notes, Cher) are an Asian woman, at least four white women, a black man, and a son of Cuban immigrants.”

Cher’s latest Twitter outburst (isn’t this what liberals are always criticizing the president for?) apparently followed Trump calling for a Tuesday White House cabinet meeting.

Attacking President Trump is nothing new for the singer. Last month, she called him a “liar, thug, crook, traitor” and accused him of ruining America.

“He & His Family Are So In Bed With Russia……Putin Puts Mints On Their Pillows,” she wrote said. Good one, Cher.

Obviously, there is no depth Cher won’t sink to in her never-ending mission to smear Trump but it won’t help. In fact, it will probably only hurt her. That Trump was elected president by millions of Americans – many of whom were likely Cher fans at some point – doesn’t seem to faze her one bit.

But liberal Hollywood has always looked down on regular, hardworking Americans. If Cher could turn back time, she might want to reconsider sullying her brand with her extreme left-wing politics.