Cher Trump Russian operative

Ever since Donald Trump took office, pop star Cher has been attacking him in Twitter in rants that are both constant and nonsensical. This week, Cher went after Trump once again, describing him as a “dangerous threat” to our safety and accusing him of being a “Russian operative.”

Two years into Trump’s presidency, we have still seen absolutely no evidence to back up the assertion that he personally colluded with Russia to win the election. Despite this, liberal nitwits like Cher continue to accuse him of being a Russian operative who is doing the bidding of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Of course, Cher and her fellow liberals offer no evidence to back this up, because there is none!

Cher claims no one is safe in Trump’s America

This comes a week after Cher claimed that, “No One Is Really Safe In trump’s America Unless They’re

For Cher to claim that Americans are not safe in Trump’s America is truly ridiculous. Since taking office, Trump has made keeping Americans safe his top priority by focusing on border security. If Democrats would actually allow Trump to build his border wall, Americans would be safer than ever before because we would no longer need to worry about being victimized in violent crimes committed by illegal aliens.

It’s time for Cher to stick to what she knows, which is singing, and stop trying to comment on politics. When she bashes Trump on Twitter like this, all she accomplishes is embarrassing herself by showing how ignorant she really is!

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