WWII veteran

Veterans of the United States military are people who put their lives on the line to protect the rest of our freedoms. That’s why it’s so incredibly tragic that when they return to the states, they often find themselves being forgotten by the very people they fought to protect. The veteran in this story thought he had been forgotten like many of his fellow servicemen, but thankfully, a Good Samaritan stepped in just in time to show him how wrong he was about this.

Western Journal reported that a 92 year-old World War II veteran recently found himself lost in Las Vegas after he went out on his scooter to do some shopping. By the time he was done, it was too dark outside for him to find his way home and he started to panic. The veteran is no longer able to walk, so he desperately started trying to flag down cars for help from his scooter, but vehicle after vehicle refused to stop for him.

“I needed to know where I was, and I didn’t,” the veteran recalled. “I’d wave at the cars, and they’d just keep going.”

Just when the veteran was starting to lose hope, Alexis Gastelum stopped to help him. Alexis could not believe he was seeing so many people ignore an elderly man who clearly needed help.

“How do people just walk by, you know?” Gastelum thought to himself. “When I ran into him, people had just passed him.”

Gastelum got back in his car and proceeded to drive slow enough that the veteran could follow in his scooter, and he kept doing this until they had made it back to the older man’s home. Once they got there, Gastelum got the veteran out of his scooter, put him in a comfy chair, and wrapped him in blankets so that he could get warm.

The veteran was incredibly grateful to Gastelum for what he did.

“You’re the only one in about a thousand people that stopped,” the man said. “That was the greatest help I’d ever had in my life.”

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Our veterans deserve to be helped and supported in this way for life after all the sacrifices that they make for us. God bless Gastelum for helping this veteran!

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