comedian safe space contract

For a number of years now, comedians have been hesitant to perform at colleges and universities due to ridiculous restrictions put on them from political correctness. Now, a student group at the University of London is insisting that comedians must sign a “behavioral agreement” before performing.

PJ Media reports, “According to emails reviewed by PJ Media, the UNICEF on Campus chapter at the University of London sent five local comedians — including Russian-born free speech advocate Konstantin Kisin — a request to perform.”

We’re not making this up.

“Attached is a short behavioural agreement form that we will ask for you to sign on the day to avoid problems,” the event organizer sent to the participating comedians. “This comedy night… aims to provide a safe space for everyone to share and listen to Comedy. This contract has been written to ensure an environment where joy, love, and acceptance are reciprocated by all.”

The comedian, rightly, said that he “couldn’t believe it.”

Kisin also said he shouldn’t have been so surprised. “But then I remembered the Nimesh Patel story from last week and Jerry Seinfeld saying he doesn’t play colleges and it started to make sense.” Patel is a former Saturday Night Live writer who was kicked off stage at Columbia University for being politically incorrect. Seinfeld has said in the past he is hesitant to perform at universities for the same reason.

Kisin ultimately decided not to do the event and instead did another charity event instead, as he explained on Twitter.

Political correctness just keeps getting worse and worse. Kisin said the mere title of the “contract” nearly made him “puke.”

We feel exactly the same way Mr. Kisin.

If someone is too sensitive to attend a comedy show where topics are discussed in a manner designed to lightly poke fun and make the audience laugh, then they simply shouldn’t. The oversensitivity of a small group of people should not dictate what the rest of us are allowed to consume.