Kid Rock Donald Trump Guns

The entertainment industry has become so dominated by liberals these days that it’s rare to find any entertainer who is brave enough to publicly take a stand for Donald Trump and conservative values. That is what has made Kid Rock such a cherished rarity, as he is one of the few singers who has been willing to publicly support Trump.

Earlier this month, we reported that Kid Rock had publicly bashed the notoriously anti-Trump Joy Behar for her obsession with leftwing political correctness. As fans already know, this kind of anti-PC attitude is nothing new for Kid Rock. Back in 2015, Kid Rock defied the left to take a stand for gun ownership.

“I’m always buying more guns,” he said at the time, according to The Detroit Free Press. “I have everything from a Civil War cannon to an MP5 machine gun.”

Now that’s the kind of statement that could “trigger” someone like Behar in a heartbeat!

Kid Rock later doubled down on his pro-gun attitude in another interview.

“Getting rid of them is not the answer,” he said, according to Rolling Stone. “The guy who got Osama Bin Laden was on Fox News. His daddy raised him in Montana, hunting, fishing. He got it from hunting. What that kid knows is [expletive] valuable. Shooting 200 yards is hard. To be able to make 1,000-yard shots? I’m glad we have some people like that on our side.”

Kid Rock has also stood by President Trump since he took office, and even visited him at the White House back in October. The Daily Caller reported that while he was there, Kid Rock sent a powerful message to Trump and the media.

“I’d just like to bring it up that there’s a whole lot of people in this country that do give you a lot of credit for everything you’ve been doing for this country,” he said to Trump, before pointing to the media and adding, “We know that some people don’t give it to you as much as maybe they should sometimes.”

It’s refreshing to have an entertainer like Kid Rock in the world who is not afraid to publicly spread a pro-Trump, pro-gun, and pro-conservative message. We need more conservative entertainers to take a page out of his handbook and start going public with their beliefs as well!