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Dog Abandoned at a Shelter Next to His Bed and His Toys

A six-year-old lab named "Wall-E" was dropped off at a shelter because his family said they could no longer look after him.

A six-year-old lab named “Wall-E” was dropped off at a shelter because his family said they could no longer look after him. It was the same shelter the family had adopted him from three years prior.

He was left alone, confused, and probably scared, with his bed and all his toys.

The Dodo reported that Wall-E’s toys and bed were packed into two plastic trash bags. His owner was said to have cried as he said goodbye and left the dog.

“The family could no longer look after Wall-E in the way that he deserved, so they made the decision not to keep him. Unfortunately, this meant the Lab was back to square one,” the UK’s Unilad reported.

In a post to the shelter’s Facebook page, the facility shared a photo of the dog along with an explanation about what happened.

The shelter wrote:

This guy deserves a forever family who won’t give up on him. Please don’t bash his previous owners though. We don’t know the whole story.

What we do know is the owner was heartbroken and crying. It was hard to finally help them leave. The staff was crying with the owners. We don’t believe this decision was taken lightly.

Jordan Bader, who runs the shelter’s Facebook page, told The Dodo:

He was surrendered by his family because they did not have enough time for him. He was very scared. In his kennel, he would bark and bark.

Here is Wall-E when he was getting surrendered by his owner 😞 They brought all his stuff.. like it was gonna be there…

Posted by MCACC West Adoptable Dogs on Saturday, November 24, 2018

“Despite his family packing all of his toys and bed, Wall-E was not able to have these with him in his kennel and he quickly became withdrawn,” Unilad reported. “Because of this, potential adopters would pass up on the opportunity of adopting him as they couldn’t see past his defensive nature.”

Jordan explained:

“Because of his kennel presence and evaluations he was passed up by many people,” Jordan said. “(But) with volunteers, he was very sweet and playful and loved doing zoomies.”

Because the dog kept getting ignored for months, Jordan decided to share his sad story.

That idea worked – and Wall-E was adopted.

“A woman called Lynn Lee saw the post and immediately made her way to the shelter to meet Wall-E,” Unilad reported. “She took her own dog with her and they became fast friends.”

So this sad story luckily ends with a very happy ending.

…WallE cost only $25-that was including all his shots AND a vet check-up! We think he was a bargain AND tomorrow…

Posted by Lynn Lee on Friday, November 30, 2018

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