Dear WWE Creative, Is This “Fresh Start” For Real?

Dear WWE Creative,

The WWE Universe has been buzzing since it was announced that WWE’s Chairman, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, would be appearing on the December 17th edition of Monday Night RAW with an announcement.

He appeared, with kids Shane and Stephanie in tow, along with son-in-law HHH, and what they announced, didn’t seem like anything close to a substantial announcement, but more of a promise. A promise around a clean slate: new faces; new challenges; a different feel to Monday Night RAW … a different feel SmackDown LIVE; an era of “fresh starts”.

Monday Night RAW would roll on, albeit more entertaining than weeks past, and SmackDown LIVE offered more of the same; however, this time VKM would appear during the opening segment on Tuesday with the Man, Queen, new SD LIVE Women’s Champion Asuka, and Naomi; fans haven’t seen Vince on the blue brand in a while. It was also clear that while Paige isn’t necessarily going anywhere, she won’t be acting as SD LIVE’s General Manager moving forward.

What I liked about the opening to RAW was that the McMahons acknowledge the weakening WWE television product: the low ratings, the dismay of the fans, the fact that they are listening to the WWE Universe. What I didn’t like about the opening segment? It really wasn’t an announcement.

A formal announcement from McMahon would have revealed a big occurrence within RAW or perhaps both brands, that is, moving the show from three to two hours; abolishing the inter-brand concept; introducing new tag titles for the ladies; creating a new number one contender system for championships; establishing a new stipulation for the Royal Rumble … and the list goes on.

Monday’s announcement was more of an acknowledgement to the WWE Universe: yes, we know RAW has sucked for a long while now, you are telling us through social media and the ratings; guess what, we are on it, and stay tuned.

So, on the cusp of the holiday season, me, as many fans, will give Monday Night and SmackDown LIVE a grace period. The next two weeks of wrestling action happen to fall on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day; therefore, these episodes will be pre-taped. Having said that, some may tune in, some may have family stuff going prohibiting them to do so. Perhaps this grace period will give WWE officials and you, WWE Creative, a real chance to think of a game plan. Hey, you may already have one in mind; you may not, simply adding some fluff this week to keep us fans on the edge of ours seats until you come up with something substantial.

Regardless, here’s hoping that change is on the horizon. With both RAW and SD LIVE did show increases in their ratings this week, meaning there is a glimmer of hope not only for the McMahons, but that perhaps WWE’s product is indeed shifting in the right direction.



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