Alexa Bliss’ Rumored Return Date, SmackDown Wrestler Possibly Sick

Alexa Bliss spent most of 2017 and 2018 receiving a major push, but that has slowed down over the past several months. Due to several concussions in such a short amount of time, Bliss was pulled from in-ring competition.

While not cleared to wrestle, Bliss was given the role as the head of RAW’s women’s division, but that storyline was dropped once the McMahon Family promised a fresh start. Starting soon, Bliss will now host a show on RAW called “Moments of Bliss” with Ronda Rousey being the first guest. 

While Bliss has been training at the WWE Performance Center using a ring with extra cushion as a precaution, her in-ring return has not been confirmed; hence the reason for hosting a new talk show. There is some speculation that Bliss will return come January’s Women’s Royal Rumble Match.

“So I don’t know if this is still the case, but as of a couple of weeks ago I heard Alexa was not going to be wrestling again until the Rumble,” said Bryan Alvarez during the Wrestling Observer Radio. “So, maybe this is a way to keep her on TV until then.”

Bliss is one of WWE’s best talkers on the mic, so she has a chance to stay involved in major storylines without having to take any bumps. Hopefully, Bliss will can have another amazing year after WWE gives the okay to get physical inside the ring.

– There was an illness going around the WWE roster several weeks ago with the likes of Alexa Bliss and Finn Balor feeling the effects. It caused WWE to keep them away from other wrestlers to avoid the unknown illness from spreading. 

Bryan Alvarez stated on Wrestling Observer Radio that he believes Mandy Rose is also feeling under the weather. That would explain the angle that played out yesterday at SmackDown’s taped episode for New Year’s Day.

She should be back to compete in the near future, which is a good thing as WWE has major plans for Rose. In the meantime, Rose always has Sonya Deville around to help handle her business. 

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