Kevin the Carrot

In the United States, we know that the big sales day after Thanksgiving – Black Friday – is when everyone goes nuts. People will do anything to get a deal.  And, unfortunately, violence breaks out every year.

In the UK, they now have their own version.

“Aldi supermarket has rolled out a giant stuffed version of their holiday mascot – Kevin the Carrot – as well as smaller plush versions of Kevin and his family, and customers in the UK have been lining up to get their hands on them,” Fox News reports.

Fox News continued, “This year, in addition to a growing carrot family, Aldi also introduced a giant plush Kevin the Carrot, which crashed the Aldi’s website from the influx of people desperate to bring the root vegetable home for Christmas.”

“The limited supply also caused fights to break out in Aldi’s stores around the UK,” Fox News observed.

What has the West come to?

What is wrong with these people?

It’s bad enough that in America people will fight tooth and nail over toys and other products around the holiday season – which is the exact opposite message of what Christmas is supposed to be about.

But now many in the UK are having mini riots over a stuffed carrot.

Seriously, what has the West come to?

What is it that drives otherwise reasonable adults from relatively affluent and advanced societies to behave like brutes over something as cheap and meaningless as a stuffed toy carrot? ‘Kevin the Carrot’ was probably cheaply made in China or somewhere similar, and yet some Westerners want it so badly they’re willing to punch their neighbor for it.

Discount supermarket chain Aldi says the $25 toy is sold out at many locations and online, but some stores still have some in stock.

No doubt fists will fly over the remaining few carrots. And no doubt, anyone involved in such mindless violence should be ashamed of themselves.

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