veterans ptsd

Veterans of the United States military are men and women who put their lives on the line every day to protect the rest of our freedoms. Unfortunately, despite all the sacrifices that they make for us, veterans rarely get the respect that they deserve in this country these days.

In the video below, you’ll see veterans open up about the most difficult experiences that they faced while they were serving their country. They talk about everything from missing the births of their children, to being seriously injured, to watching their friends die right before their eyes. They also talk about how difficult it is to return back home after suffering these traumatic experiences. They come back to the U.S. changed forever, and though they have given everything they have for their country, too few people back at home seem to appreciate what they have done.

This is exactly why millions of Americans are so furious about NFL players kneeling during the national anthem before their games. When overpaid football players who know nothing about sacrifice kneel before the American flag during the anthem, they are letting these veterans know that their sacrifices do not matter. These veterans risked their lives for that flag, and they watched their friends die for it, so the least we can do as Americans is show that flag the proper respect.

Thanks to the anti-American mindset of liberals, it’s no longer considered “cool” or “hip” to love this country and take pride in it. Young Americans would much rather whine about any small negative thing they can find about our country than actually think about how lucky we all are to live here. Since taking pride in America is no longer trendy, veterans have found themselves forgotten, as nobody wants to focus on the fact that we owe all the amazing freedoms we have to them. Please take some time today to do something for all the veterans that are in your life, and to let them know that you appreciate everything that they have done for us!

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