The Most Awful Looking Characters in WWE 2K19

The new wrestling game WWE 2K19 blew it with appearances of many of the WWE superstars with frozen faces and generic rather than iconic fashion.

2K does not exactly have a reputation of getting all the WWE superstars right where appearances are concerned. While I was hopeful that the newest game would make some improvements, big mistakes were made with some of the biggest WWE superstars. Auwtch!

Adam Cole

One of the worst characters in the latest 2K game is undoubtedly Adam Cole. Being a big supporter of the Undisputed Era, it took me a considerable amount of time to figure out who the person on my computer screen was. At least his friends look good…


Being one of the most stunning women in the WWE today, you would think that 2K would get Lana right. Instead, they gave her a bland and frankly generic appearance, including none of Lana’s actual features. What a disappointment.

I am not the only one who hates the character that was created for Lana. Lana herself had something to say about it, too.

Fans were quick to respond though, stating that the character situation could have been worse. Maybe they were right!

Tyler Bate

Going from bad to outright ridiculous, Tyler Bate got the short end of the stick when it came to character creation this year. It appears as if Bate has aged and gained at least 20 pounds. His face seems remarkably static, too, which is not something you would expect from one half of Moustache Mountain.

Randy Orton

There is something weird going on with Randy Orton’s face. However, when I looked at 2K18, I noticed that it had the same problem. Surely, 2K would not repeat the same mistake two years in a row. Oh wait… Yes they did. All I can say is Woof…

Shane McMahon

You know 2K needs a new game engine when it messes up the WWE owner’s son. Unfortunately, Shane McMahon did not escape our list of the most awful 2K19 characters. His face looks frozen, and to be honest, he looks like an old villain from a bad Italian film, although that could be an offence to bad Italian films…

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