UFC Fight Night 139 Primer: The Continuing Adventures of Cowboy Cerrone, Man of Recklessness

Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone has a fight on Saturday at UFC Fight Night 139, which means he must risk his life doing wacky stunts before then.

UFC Fight Night 139 comes at us from Denver, CO., tomorrow with all the fire and fury of a Fight Night event. Which is to say, it’ll be alright. The Korean Zombie is fighting Yair Rodriguez in the main event, while the co-main has Donald Cerrone facing Mike Perry.

That’s right, folks. It’s time for the continuing adventures of “Cowboy” Cerrone, Man of Recklessness.

Sure, taking on a power-slugger like Perry is a dangerous prospect, but…

…What about the stuff Cowboy likes to do outside of the cage in pursuit of the never-ending adrenaline high? Stuff that usually kills lesser men?

Why, here’s Cowboy racing motorcycles. That isn’t risky at all.

Also not risky: living in an RV. Look, anyone who’s ever seen a zombie flick or slasher film knows that evil tends to descend on RVs like ants on a freakin’ picnic.

None of this is meant to imply that Cerrone won’t be able to handle himself inside the Octagon against Perry. He definitely can.

However, one of these days Cowboy is going to be HALO jumping into an active volcano while wearing dynamite underwear, and something’s going to go wrong. It’s just statistics, folks.

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