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In the secular world of Hollywood, it’s rare to find any entertainer that is open about their Christian faith. That’s what makes television host Steve Harvey so special, as he has never been afraid to openly talk about his faith in God.

Faithtap reported that after finishing taping of an episode of his game show Family Feud, Harvey decided to give an impromptu speech to the audience when he thought the cameras were off. As soon as Harvey starts talking, it’s clear that he is trying to motivate members of the audience by talking to them about God.

Harvey began by explaining that each and every one of us has our own unique gift from God and that all we have to do with it is “jump.” Using the analogy of jumping out of an airplane, Harvey acknowledged that the act of taking that leap is scary.


When jumping out of the plane, the parachute does not open right away, leaving us hurling towards the ground incredibly fast. Eventually, however, the parachute does open and we glide gracefully to the ground. It’s this parachute that keeps us from hitting the bottom, just as God will if we let him.

Harvey trusts God to carry him through the tough times, and he is hoping that members of his audience will open their hearts to God and allow him to do the same. This trust in God has certainly paid off for Harvey, who is now one of the busiest and highest paid hosts on television!

Harvey may not have known that the cameras were on when he gave this speech, but it’s a good thing that they were because this was a message that people all over the world needed to hear. The video has quickly gone viral, being viewed over 500,000 times. Check out Harvey’s powerful message for yourself below, and if you haven’t already, I would encourage you to JUMP!

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