Family Feud

While there are many examples of bad answers on “Family Feud,” the Sass Family takes the prize for the biggest failure in the show’s history.

The family patriarch Tim gave such a roaring performance in Fast Money that he earned his family 182 points. This is remarkable! That meant Anna only had to get 18 points to win the $20,000 payout. That should have been easy, but with each response, it because clear that Anna was going to let her family down in epic fashion.

When Anna came out to answer Steve Harvey‘s questions, she was very excited. When she heard that she only needed 18 points, that excitement increased! She thought this would be a cakewalk. Then, things went south quickly. The look of excitement on her face in the beginning compared to it afterward is almost heartbreaking!

Her family tried to stay positive, but the look of sheer disappointment was evident on their faces as Anna tanked each answer. It was pretty clear that Anna was about to strike out in what should have been a home run. She lost her family $20,000 in just 25 seconds!

Not only did Anna lose her family all that cash, but her failure was broadcast across the country as her epic fail went viral. She only needed 18 points and she earned NONE! Even Steve was at a loss for words!


Tim’s successful answers hindered her quite a bit as she guessed three of them. But, her backup answers were so bad that she really didn’t have an excuse. Thankfully, Anna kept a sense of humor about her big family fail.

“There’s a lot of family grief. I don’t know if I’ll be invited to Christmas this year. They threatened to make me walk home from Georgia,” Anna amusingly said.

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