SmackDown Wrestler Injured, Big Cass Looking Out Of Shape (Photos)

– When Big Cass arrived to WWE with Enzo, many figured it only be a matter of time before the two split and the much larger wrestler got a massive push. That somewhat happened, but in the final match of their feud Big Cass suffered an injury that would put him on the sidelines until after WrestleMania 34.

Big Cass returned and quickly started a feud with Daniel Bryan, Despite losing both matches to Bryan, many still believed Big Cass had the potential to be future champion. Instead, he was released in a shocking turn of events and never scored a single win after returning from injury. The reason for the release had to do with several issues such as Big Cass disobeying orders from Vince McMahon, being overzealous when talking about Donald Trump and being intoxicated in public during an overseas tour.

With the 90 day no compete clause over, Big Cass is able to wrestle anywhere; but, it appears that he needs to hit the gym and watch his diet. As seen below, Big Cass worked any Indy event this weekend and he has clearly packed on some extra pounds around his waist.

– Harper has been off TV since Rowan suffered an injury and SummerSlam and The Bludgeon Brothers were forced to drop the SmackDown Tag Team Titles days later. Now, it appears that Harper is also dealing with his own injury as seen in the photo down below.

No word on what happened to Harper or how long he will be away from action.

While off TV, Harper did work a NXT live event. He made a surprise appearance and lost to North American Champion Ricochet. There was talk of Harper once again forming an alliance with Bray Wyatt, but that is likely on hold if not off the table.

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