New Matches For TLC? + Possible WrestleMania Main Event News?

-WWE holds TLC next month, but already we are hearing of advertised matches. As WWE always likes to remind us, the card is subject to change. That being said, reports radio spots promoting the event have begun to air in the San Jose area, and in those spots, they are advertising several matches.

Specifically, the radio spot mentions Braun Strowman versus Drew McIntyre, Dean Ambrose battling Seth Rollins for the Intercontinental Championship, and Nia Jax challenging Ronda Rousey for the RAW Women’s Championship.

All three matches line up with ongoing programs featured on the RAW brand, so there’s no real shocking news. What was not mentioned in the spots is whether or not any (or none, or all) of these matches would involve tables, ladders or chairs. Given how heated the Strowman/McIntyre feud has gotten, such a stipulation is not hard to imagine. Nor is it hard to imagine Rollins and Ambrose assaulting one another with those tools of the trade.

Wrestlenewz will carry more TLC related news as it becomes available.

-Even though we are still wrapping up the 2018 PPV calendar, and there are still two of the “Big Four” shows to go before April, it’s never too early to discuss WrestleMania main events. Next year, the big event returns to New Jersey once again.

With Roman Reigns off battling leukemia, it seems highly unlikely that the former Universal Champion will main event yet another WrestleMania, as was one of the plans up until about a month ago. It had also been reported that, even before Reigns’ exit, WWE was at least kicking around the idea of a women’s title match as the main event.

Now, with any Reigns related plans scuttled, the notion of a women’s main event is apparently gaining steam. It is worth noting that the rumored match would involve Ronda Rousey. WWE sees her as a huge star, and nothing she has done since debuting for the company in January has made them feel differently. It’s entirely possible that Charlotte Flair wins January’s Royal Rumble and decides to challenge Rousey for the RAW title in MetLife Stadium.

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