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Ever since Roseanne Barr was fired by ABC back in May for a controversial tweet about Valerie Jarrett, she has been completely blacklisted by Hollywood and smeared as a heartless racist. Since then, virtually every Hollywood star has turned their back on Barr.

That’s why it came as a huge surprise this week when Academy Award winner Mo’Nique spoke out to defend Barr and say that she is not a racist.

During an interview with The Chicago Tribune, Mo’Nique explained why she has not cut Barr off like her fellow stars. Here’s what she had to say:

“That’s why, when people turned on my sister Roseanne Barr, I couldn’t do it. Because there were black entertainers who would not come on The Mo’Nique Show because it was quote-unquote “too black.” But when I called on my sista, she said (imitating Barr): “Where is it and what time you need me to come?”

And when she showed up, when the cameras weren’t rolling, she said to me: “Listen, you’re the real deal. Don’t let them use you up and take advantage of you, because they will. Don’t you let them do that to you.”

Now, a racist woman ain’t gonna say that to me.”

Mo’Nique’s main point is that one mistake should not define anyone for life. Barr slipped up and posted a single racist tweet back in May, and she immediately owned up and apologized for it. This one mistake does not mean that Barr is a racist for life, and that tweet does not discount everything Barr has done for women and minorities throughout her career.

Many in Hollywood will be furious to see that Mo’Nique defended Barr, as they are all too happy to blacklist a conservative supporter of Donald Trump. Unlike her fellow actors, however, Mo’Nique does not care about Barr’s politics. Instead, she cares about who Barr is as a person, and what is in her heart. It’s time for Hollywood to take notice of Mo’Nique’s words, and to give Barr the second chance that everyone deserves!

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