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During her lifetime, Prince William’s mother Diana was lovingly referred to as “Princess Diana.” In contrast, William’s wife Kate Middleton is not typically referred to as “Princess Kate,” which has caused many to wonder why she does not have the same title as her mother-in-law. Now, the reason for this has been revealed.

Yahoo News reported Kate is referred to as “Duchess of Cambridge” because women who marry into the royal family take on their husband’s title. Kate’s current title actually holds more weight in the British royal family than “princess” does, as being the Duchess of Cambridge puts her on a higher social ladder than a princess.

“While Catherine is absolutely a princess, her correct title is ‘Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge,’” explained royal expert Victoria Arbiter. “She wasn’t born a blood princess, so she is not a princess in her own right. When she married William, she took on the rank of her husband, a royal prince. However, referring to her as ‘Princess Kate’ is simply incorrect.”

When Prince Charles married Diana in 1981, he was already a prince twice over: once for being born a prince, and again for being given the title of Prince of Wales in 1969. When women marry into the British royal family, they take their husband’s title, which is why Diana became the Princess of Wales. Since William’s title is Duke of Cambridge, Kate became the Duchess of Cambridge, rather than Princess of Cambridge. The same thing happened to Meghan Markle when she married Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, and became the Duchess of Sussex.

Kate Middleton’s title will change over time

If Charles becomes king, William and Kate will take on his former rank, and she will become the Princess of Wales. She will then hold the title of Queen Consort when William becomes king.

Though Kate may not hold the official title of princess, she is already well on her way to being just as beloved as Princess Diana was! We can’t wait to see what she brings to the table as a royal in the years to come!

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