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Jim Carrey is a Hollywood star who can’t stand President Donald Trump. This week, however, Carrey took his Trump Derangement Syndrome way too far when he accused the president of committing “manslaughter” in California just to get rid of the Democrats there.

“As the California death toll rises our Sadist-in-Chief is spending $220 million to send troops to the border for nothing. That’s one way to get rid of Democrats. This is no longer politics. This is manslaughter,” Carrey tweeted alongside a disturbing painting that showed a chard person wearing a “Go Rams” t-shirt.

It’s incredibly disturbing that Carrey now hates Trump so much that he is accusing him of murder. This level of hatred for the president is unfortunately nothing new for left-wing Hollywood elites like Carrey. However, what these elites do not realize is that by tweeting things like this, they are actually helping Trump to get reelected. This kind of nonsense only brings Trump’s followers closer together, as we want people like Carrey to know that we don’t take these kinds of comments seriously.

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This comes weeks after Carrey blamed Trump for the “rise of racist hate groups” and accused him of being guilty of “treason.”

It’s hard to believe there was a time when I admired Jim Carrey as an actor. This unhinged man is almost unrecognizable to me now. I think it’s safe to say this man is no longer a role model.

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