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Chris Gursky of Florida posted a video Monday of his first-ever hang-gliding experience but there was one major problem – his instructor forgot to attach his safety harness!

This is absolutely terrifying.

In the video, you can see Gursky grabbing whatever he can to prevent from falling as his co-pilot searches desperately for a place to land, something not exactly easy in mountainous Switzerland.

But Gurksy, surprisingly, is taking his near-death experience in stride.

Hang gliding gone wrong

“BASE jumping tomorrow?” Gursky said, noting that it was only the first day of his vacation with his wife.

“Thinking nice view … I’m gonna die!” Gursky wrote in the video, making light of such a serious situation. The beginning of the video read, “WARNING: Content may be disturbing to some. Including my wife!”

Gursky said the entire death-defying flight lasted for 2 minutes and 14 seconds. The only injuries sustained were a broken wrist due to the rough landing and damaged bicep tendons from hanging on while in flight.

“Gursky wrote that the pilot made a ‘critical error’ in not attaching him to the glider but praised him for doing ‘all he could to get me down to the ground as quickly as possible while grabbing on to my harness and flying with one hand,” the Huffington Post reported.

He also struck a forgiving tone in an interview with Cross Country, saying he was not angry at him. “I am past that phase,” Gursky said. “He did all he could and more. He is a good guy.”

Good guy or not, Gursky is very lucky to be alive. “My body weight shifted straight down and I found myself hanging on for my life,” Gursky told the Daily Mail.

Thankfully, it turned out for the best and Mr. Gursky will be hanging around a lot longer.

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