godfather pimp
Although the Godfather makes pimpin' look easy, he insists it ain't.
godfather pimp

Although the Godfather makes pimpin’ look easy, he insists it ain’t.

Former professional wrestler and harem manager The Godfather has devoted himself to raising public awareness about the difficulties of pimpin’ during the month of Hovember.

The Godfather and his bevy of profession sex-trade workers — known colloquially as The Ho Train — are travelling to communities and schools all month to convey to youth that pimpin’ requires great dedication and hard work.

“It ain’t easy,” he said, swinging a jewel-bedazzled cane and strutting in a purple velvet trenchcoat while addressing a class of Minneapolis kindergarteners.

This isn’t the first time The Godfather has led an awareness-raising campaign; many years ago, he warned youth about the dangers of voodoo during a month-long effort called Papa Shangovember.

The Godfather’s public-service efforts have inspired a number of other wrestlers to launch their own campaigns.

Zack Ryder, for instance, is encouraging youth to take care and spike their hair during Brovember, and Bo Dallas is promoting self-confidence during Bovember.