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While many female wrestlers look flawless, we do not always see the problems they struggle with behind the camera. A prime example is the recent revelation of Roman Reigns and his battle against leukemia.

A former WWE women’s wrestler has come forward about a medical problem as well recently. Emma, sister of current WWE superstar Peyton Royce, revealed she suffers from a severe case of psoriasis.

Emma’s Brave Post


When you are in the public eye all the time, having a skin condition such as psoriasis can be debilitating and lonely. Former WWE superstar Emma left this brave post about her psoriasis struggle on her Instagram account.

Emma admitted she struggled with the decision to post these pictures online. I can imagine it would leave her feeling insecure, so I applaud her for sharing these photographs and showing other psoriasis sufferers they are not alone.

In her Instagram post, Emma also mentioned her recent injury struggles. Life has not been kind to Emma since she left the WWE, but I hope she can bounce back from this and show the world the talent she has. I still think the WWE made a massive mistake releasing her, and that one day she will show them just how much of a mistake it was.

What Is Psoriasis?

While the exact cause of psoriasis is still unknown, the skin condition is classified as a chronic autoimmune disorder. The disease speeds up the lifecycle of skin cells and causes them to build up on the surface of the skin which can look like thick, silvery scales.

Psoriasis comes in many forms and can look quite different from person to person. Certain people only experience mild forms and discomfort, while others struggle with severe outbreaks.

Who Is Emma?

Emma left the WWE not so long ago, so many of you might still know her. However, if you are not that familiar with Emma, here is a quick bio.

Tenille Dashwood, also known under the ring name Emma in the WWE, has done most of her training through the WWE. She began training in 2003 and made her wrestling debut in 2008 in smaller indie promotion. She would eventually be recruited by Florida Championship Wrestling, the former name for NXT in the WWE.

During her WWE career, Emma did quite good on NXT and in Florida Championship Wrestling. However, her main roster career did not go as swimmingly, with the WWE making huge mistakes in her booking and overall character.

Emma’s original character reminded everyone of Big Boss Man, yet the WWE decided to briefly change her character to Emmalina. After weeks of promotional teasers, the WWE changed her character back after only one appearance.

After her release from the WWE in 2017, Emma booked quite a few matches on the indie circuit. She eventually stuck with Ring of Honor, where she is currently signed.

There was some speculation about the reasons Emma was released from the WWE, especially since Emma received a bit of a push shortly before her release. Insiders claim a routine budget meaning saw the likes of Emma, Darren Young, and Summer Rae released from the company.

We at Ringside wish Emma a speedy recovery and nothing but success in her indie career. We will be following her and supporting her.

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