dog the bounty hunter jamie jungers

Jamie Jungers – the woman professional golfer Tiger Woods cheated on his wife with in 2009 – was apparently at death’s door before an intervention by Dog “The Bounty Hunter.”

Dog claimed in an exclusive interview with that he found Jungers living in a sex and drug den in Las Vegas, where she was “exchanging drugs for sex.”

The bounty hunter and television reality star said she was so thin she looked close to death when he discovered her on Tuesday.

“She was 88 pounds when we got her and the handcuffs wouldn’t even go on her wrists because they were so skinny,” Dog said. “She was going to die in the next few weeks.”

“These guys were holding her in a house where she was giving sexual favors for drugs,” he added.

According to Dog, whose real name is Duane Chapman, Jungers was using heroin and speed and spent weeks being passed around for sex with supposedly high profile “business executives.”

“She told me she was trading drugs for sex with guys at four or five houses,” Dog said.

Jamie Jungers blames Tiger for her drug abuse

Dog claims Jungers – who has been in and out of rehab – blames Woods for her current state. Dog claims she became angry when explaining to him what she believed the pro golfer had done to her. However, it sounds like Jungers needs to take some responsibility for her own actions.

Chapman said:

“She said she blames Tiger. She said all these dirty mother*****s wanted to f**k me just because I had f****d Tiger Woods, and before I knew it all these people were coming into my life because of drugs and I’m a f*****g junkie now and I hate it.”

Dog turned Jungers over to Las Vegas Police, where she was charged with drug possession and being a fugitive. Let’s hope she gets the help she needs soon and turns her life around.

In addition to bounty hunting, Dog is an outspoken conservative Republican. Chapman appeared at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, DC in 2017. Thank God for men and women like him risking their lives to do the right thing every day.