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Prayers are needed for the Chapman family after it was announced that Beth has cancer. The wife of Dog the Bounty Hunter recently sent a letter to friends revealing her cancer diagnosis.

“After months of a nagging cough, a routine checkup resulted in a diagnosis of stage II throat cancer,” she reportedly wrote. “I have what is referred to as a T2 Tumor in my throat that is blocking my breathing. My doctors are suggesting immediate treatment and surgery before the disease progresses.”

Beth doesn’t know what the prognosis will be at this time, but she is staying positive. “I will fight every step of the way,” she wrote in her letter. “My husband and children are counting on me to be there for years to come.”

A family spokesman said that Dog is not handling this news well. “Beth has been trying hard to remain strong through the worry and fear and anxiety, as she will not know her prognosis until after her surgery,” the spokesman said. “At times, Duane has been inconsolable since hearing the news, but he is determined to remain strong for Beth and their family, ‘and pray a lot.’ […] Duane shared that people see Beth as a tough lady, but she has a big heart, he told me – and which I know from personal experience.”

The Chapmans became familiar to Americans with their show Dog the Bounty Hunter. Many of us watched Dog and Beth on the hunt for criminals with their family. They not only came into our living rooms but our hearts as well.

A video with 5 facts about Beth Chapman is below.

Hopefully, the surgery is a success and she can forgo further cancer treatment. Dog is so devoted to Beth. This certainly is a rough time for him and the kids too.

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Source: Country Living

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