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Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife announced earlier this month that she was diagnosed with throat cancer. Beth Chapman had been dealing with a nagging cough for months before learning what the source of the problem was.

Beth had to endure a 13-hour surgery to remove a tumor from her throat that her surgeon described as the size of a plum. No wonder she was coughing for so long!

Dog is trying to be optimistic as he watches his wife battle stage two cancer. Dog shared that “her doctor said we won round one.” He has also been posting on Facebook thanking everyone for their prayers. The Chapmans embrace their religion and clearly, they appreciate all the people keeping Beth in their thoughts.

While Beth was in the hospital in Los Angeles, her beloved dog Delilah passed away. Beth not only has to focus on recovering, but also grieving the death of her dog. She posted about this on Instagram.

Beth is determined to win this war against cancer. In a letter to friends, she wrote, “I will fight every step of the way. My husband and children are counting on me to be there for years to come.”

Dog plans on updating their fans on a new podcast. He says there are big changes in their lives and he wants fans to be able to ask questions about Beth’s health. He also hopes people will share their experiences with him. It has been reported that he is terrified about the possibility of losing his wife, so he is likely looking to hear about positive outcomes for people battling cancer.

Beth is a tough woman. She is determined to kick cancer’s butt. The video below shows how tough Beth is. Now she is putting this energy into fighting for her life.

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