Dear WWE Creative, Crowning A New Universal Champion

Dear WWE Creative,

You’ve had your ups and downs with Crown Jewel, from political controversy, to last-minute confirmation around moving forward to the pay-per-view (PPV), other superstars backing out of the event, to reorganizing the Universal Championship main event to a one-on-one from a triple threat, sadly, due to Roman Reigns’ leukemia announcement. While many within the WWE Universe may have thought Roman Reigns was a shoo-in to retain, with him out of the equation and an evacuated championship title, the fate of RAW, the WWE, and even Crown Jewel itself lie in the outcome of Braun Strowman versus Brock Lesnar.


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#ThankYouRoman. See you soon.

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If WWE officials wanted to appease the fans and finally give Strowman the well-deserved nod he has earned, then Braun is undeniably the feasible decision when it comes new Universal Champion. The Monster Among Men has not only been one of the most entertaining thing about RAW since he branched out from his Wyatt cult family into singles action, but his persona continually is built up as unstoppable; until it comes holding high-level gold that is. To boot, he was robbed of his Money in the Bank opportunity in a very brush-under-the-carpet and lack luster way, and while he’s looking very Big Show-ish with his constant heel and face turns, Strowman continues to do so in stellar fashion, easing into each turn with a shrug of his shoulders and a smooth transition.

Having said that, the truth of the matter is if Brock Lesnar wins the Universal Championship at Crown Jewel that shock value will rock the WWE Universe. You have a man who fans despise as a part-time champion, who has already had two runs as the top guy on RAW, is UFC bound, and seemingly doesn’t care about the company or the business of professional wrestling (or even sports entertainment at that). There will be plenty of viewer outcry if he wins, especially on social media. With the idea that Roman Reigns could (hopefully) return, the idea of his absence in this match, and Lesnar swooping in for the Universal Championship win would add that much more salt to the WWE Universe’s wound of mourning around the loss of Reigns on the roster, thanks to cancer.


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#TheBeast is on his way back to #RAW TONIGHT!

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It’s a tossup to be quite frank, and even I’m not sure of the direction to take, or the direction you will take; however, if both men can give it their all in Saudi Arabia and put on a stellar match (which let’s face it, we know that Braun Strowman rarely disappoints in main events or any other bouts he’s placed in), either outcome will be incredible and create a stir.

Going with the negative reaction in Lesnar, or the positive one in Strowman? Do you want fans leaving Crown Jewel, or turning off the Network, with a warm fuzzy feeling, or alternatively, raged-filled anger that is relayed on social media platforms with the Internet buzzing?

It’s a hard decision, and it will be interesting to see which direction is chosen in a few short hours when Crown Jewel unravels.




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