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Online dating has completely taken over our culture as young people now rely on apps like Tinder to meet their significant others rather than actually meeting them in person.

Though kids these days are always touting the benefits of online dating, they ignore the fact that it’s very easy for online dating to take a dangerous turn. This past week, one young woman learned the hard way just how dangerous online dating can be.

Julia’s Tinder Nightmare

Unilad reported that Julia, a 20-year-old woman from Canada, just took to Twitter to show what happened when she rejected a man she met on the dating app Tinder. To put it mildly, he did not take this rejection well and would not take “no” for an answer. He went so far as to track down Julia’s Instagram account so that he could confront her.

Julia posted screenshots of the messages he sent her on Twitter, adding, “i rejected a man today, who found me off tinder but we did not match. this is how the conversation ended after i said 6 times i was not interested.”

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“His Instagram account was private and his ‘profile photo’ was not him so I had no idea who this person was,” Julia later said when asked why she had rejected the man. “So why would I say yes to a date with a man with no face, no name, and no age?”

Julia told him over and over again that she was not interested, but the man kept asking her why she was on Tinder if she did not want to meet people like him. The man, who had never met Julia, could not accept that she just wasn’t interested in him personally. Because of the way online dating works, Julia felt that she had to let the man finish his rant against her, as he could easily find her again should she offend him.

“I wanted to just make it clear I wasn’t interested and have him accept that and leave me alone because he could easily just make another account if he didn’t finish what he had to say,” she said.

The Tinder nightmare gets even worse

The man continued by saying, “you have no reason to say no, you are ON A DATING SITE,” going so far as to ask, “why are you even alive? What’s the point if you’re just going to spread misery and negativity?'”

Finally, Julia blocked him and reported him to Instagram. He has not messaged her since, but she’s still afraid that he will one day create a new account and find her again.

This is exactly why so many older folks have issues with online dating. It may seem like fun and games to kids, but it can take a disturbing turn when you find yourself matched with a deranged stranger. Perhaps it’s better to meet people the old fashioned way, in person, after all!

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