california wildfire american flag

California is in crisis mode right now as wildfires continue to wreak havoc on the state, leaving 42 dead and countless people without homes. In the face of so much destruction and pain, however, an American flag that survived the fire has become a symbol of hope and patriotism for the people of California.

The Daily Caller reported that Elk Grove police officers Katie Cooley and Julius Lewis were out on patrol when they came upon a neighborhood full of houses that had burned to the ground. They were stunned when they then noticed a single American flag standing tall. Somehow, this flag had survived the fire that had burned the surrounding homes to the ground.

“We were on calls for service and we were driving down a small street that had all of the houses had been burned — every house on the street,” Cooley explained. “We were checking on one residence when my partner, Officer Lewis, across the street noticed a flag pole standing with the flag attached to it.”

“It definitely caught my attention. It was pretty amazing to see,” Lewis added. “The house in the backdrop was completely burned to the ground. Yet the flag was still there. I actually took a photo of it sitting in the vehicle because I just sat there for a while looking at it.”

When the fires are finally over, Cooley and Lewis want to find the owner of this flag so that they can return it to them.

“Once the situation stabilizes in Paradise and things calm down a little bit, we’ll try to work with the city there and public records or however we can do that and try to locate the owners,” Cooley said. “We documented the address and we will try to find out who its rightful owner is.”

This just goes to show that no matter what hardships our country goes through, our flag will always be there standing tall and proud. No matter what is thrown at us, nothing can break the United States of America!