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Californians Shoot Video Of Wildfire Too Horrifying To Believe

Wildfires continue raging in California. Near-hurricane force winds expected on Thursday will likely fuel this already massive fire further threatening LA.

Wildfires are raging throughout California. Pictures and video show destruction that appears to be straight out of a terrifying action film, but this is the reality millions of people are facing right now.

Californias are rushing to escape the flames. In some cases, their lives are in danger as they flee. The 405 is one of the busiest highways in the country and commuters taking it found themselves right next to raging fires as they drove the interstate yesterday. You can see the devastation in the video below.

The fan page for Days of Our Lives star Deidre Hall posted a video of the 405 at 4 am. What a terrifying thing to drive by. Imagine if the flames blew a little harder and reached a car. The explosion from a gas tank catching fire could cause a devastating chain reaction.

Los Angeles is now threatened as wildfires continue consuming parts of southern California. Strong winds have fueled these fires, extending the devastation. This is bound to get worse as the National Weather Service is predicting near-hurricane force winds on Thursday morning in the mountains and canyons of Ventura County and northwest Los Angeles County.

People from all walks of life are affected by these fires. Flames do not discriminate. Some of the most expensive homes in the United States have been torched or are under threat of being engulfed in flames. People from the posh Bel-Air and Sherman Oaks areas have already fled.

NBC News is reporting the Los Angeles Fire Department has stated the fire there is only five percent contained. The Getty, which contains loads of priceless pieces of art, appears to be in the path of the fire. Management is rather confident that the facility will be able to withstand this.

More information on the four wildfires raging in California is in the video below.

Wow! Nature has a powerful way of reclaiming the land. Unfortunately, this will have devastating consequences for the people of these areas.

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Source: Inquisitr

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