WWE Superstar Grants Rare Out Of Character Interview

-Anyone who has followed The Undertaker knows he is has historically been fiercely protective of his gimmick. You don’t see him appear out of character. You pretty much never see him out at the WWE Hall of Fame festivities either, because he is just that protective of the gimmick. So it’s just as rare to hear him grant an out of character interview, but as reported, that’s exactly what Mark Calaway did.

In this rare interview, which Calaway granted to Ed Young, he used the opportunity to pass along advice to any of the younger wrestlers who might read it (And they should). The best bit of advice: “Less is more”. He goes into detail, stressing that his matches are not about a ton of crazy or insane moves, but certain specific ones that tell the story.

He also stressed that newcomers need to be true to themselves-be original, as opposed to being a copy. Don’t try to come in and be someone you aren’t, no matter how big a fan you were of their work.

From such a legend as The Undertaker, the advice is a treasure trove. On his first point about less is more, it’s something ‘Taker has done his entire career. His matches have often been methodical, if not slow. A deliberate pace and story makes sense, and the implication is that you can’t always go out and do crazy spots, because people will expect them, or expect something crazier the next time, and then it becomes dangerous or unrealistic.

On the remarks about being original or true to yourself, this is a big deal. So many fans, writers and bloggers are constantly trying to compare a current start to the legends of the past (example: Ziggler and HBK). And while wrestlers may share similar styles, there is only ever going to be one Undertaker, or The Rock, or Stone Cold. Take it from the Phenom-don’t try to be the next Triple H. Try to be the first you.

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