Why The AJ Styles – Samoa Joe Feud Has Been Perfect

The anchor of the AJ Styles versus Samoa Joe feud on SmackDown LIVE is one we’ve seen before, on many occasions. Whether you are talking...

Dear WWE Creative,

We fans love seeing new programs roll out, and tire of the same old/same old at times. Having said that, when a fresh new rivalry is formed from a tried and true recipe, the WWE Universe can gobble it up like a turkey dinner with all the fixings on Thanksgiving.

The anchor of the AJ Styles versus Samoa Joe feud on SmackDown LIVE is one we’ve seen before, on many occasions. Whether you are talking about Rick Rude obsessed with Jake “The Snake” Robert’s wife Cheryl; Randy Orton’s unhealthy liking to Stephanie McMahon while battling HHH; the Ric Flair and Randy Savage program back in the 1990s; or even Diamond Dallas Paige’s relentless pursuit of Undertaker’s wife (at that time) Sara: adding a spouse into a WWE storyline adds a nice personal effect to the entire program, making it that much more intense. Especially when said partner is not in the WWE spectrum as a superstar themselves.

And Samoa Joe and AJ Styles need to be applauded for their roles within this feud. Each man has shown a tremendous amount of passion, commitment, and believability; both when it comes to promos and the matches booked throughout this chapter. Joe exhibits a flawless heel: from his theme music, walk down that aisle, facial expressions, mind games, to the way he carries himself both inside and outside of the ring. Meanwhile Styles in the A-type babyface: hero in the squared circle, champion at that, fearless patriarch and protector of his family, believing that he can topple this beast of a monster. The fact that his wife Wendy, and his daughter Annie are both in the mix add something very unique. Children often escape programs of this nature, and adding Styles’ daughter has been great.


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Despite what could be seen as the elements of a typical program of this kinds (i.e. spouse at ringside, heel visiting face’s home where he doesn’t expect a visit), each man has created such a unique spin on something fans have seen played out, so many times before; creating a new feeling around a comfortable nostalgia and adding ‘remember when’ feelings for a newer generation of wrestling fans who have yet to see a storyline like this unfold before.

Simply put, while some of today’s storylines haven’t hit the nail on the head, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship program pitting AJ Styles versus Samoa Joe has simply been a phenomenal one. With twists and turns that many longtime fans may expect, yet clearly a different flare to it with two of the best superstars on either roster today. It’s been an incredible watch and one of the best things on WWE programming right now. Mixing fantasy with reality is always a great thing.

Keep up the good work, with Super Show-Down is but a mere week away, this match promises to be one of the highlights of the event.


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