passenger feet on tray table

“A woman traveling on a domestic plane in China had refused to take her bare feet off the tray table despite repeated requests from flight attendants,” the UK’s Daily Mail reports.

Some people have no manners whatsoever.

“The woman and another female passenger were traveling on a China Southern Airlines flight from Nanning to Harbin on Sunday when they decided to rest their feet on the tables, to the disgust of their fellow passengers,” notes the Daily Mail. “A man who filmed the incident said they argued with other travelers and the cabin crew, claiming that they could not put their legs down because they ‘had injured their feet during ballet practice.”

Injured? Really?

What’s wrong with people?

After a number of passengers complained, the two barefoot women removed their feet from the tray tables.

And put them on the armrests.

Wow, really?

The man who filmed the incident said the flight attendants tried to offer the two barefoot women different seats, but they refused to move. They insisted they had to put their feet up because they had injured themselves performing ballet.

“They even accused other passengers of lacking empathy and compassion,” the man said. “The plane is a public place, you can’t do whatever you want and cause suffering to other people,” he added, also noting that most on the plane could smell their odorous feet.

In addition, someone on the next flight may likely eat on that very table where her naked feet have been. How is that fair? It will certainly make me think twice before using the tray table on my next flight.

Are airplanes some mystical dimension where people’s most basic manner go out the window? What kind of world do we live in if people are so selfish they put their comfort before everyone else? Should people be on the no-fly list after refusing to comply with airline rules?

Even if they were legitimately hurt – why wouldn’t it cross these offending passengers’ minds that propping one’s bare feet up in an airplane full of people might not be socially acceptable behavior?

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