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Monday Night Raw: 8 pm EST

Show opens up and Braun Strowman comes out to the ring with Raw Tag Champs Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler tells the crowd they’re looking at the greatest 3-man group in WWE history. McIntyre says they didn’t even need a catchy nickname and vest to prove it either. Strowman says they’ll face anyone, at any time, anywhere. Ziggler then shows a clip of some carnage from last week between the the of them and The Shield. The clip ends with Dean Ambrose seeming to be severing his relationship with The Shield.

McIntyre says they didn’t just beat The Shield, they broke The Shield. Finally, Ambrose’s eyes have been opened and The Shield has been shattered. Strowman says The Shield won’t be intact enough to have Roman Reigns’ back when he takes the Universal Title at Crown Jewel. McIntyre says his World Cup qualifying match tonight will show he’s the best in the world. Ziggler says he also has a qualifying match and that he’s actually the best. But they’ll cross that bridge of who’s the best between them later.

Strowman says they’re both great but anyone who challenges his supremacy is going to “Get these hands.” Then The Shield’s music hits and they come out to the main stage. Seth Rollins tells the three in the ring that The Shield is alive and well, even though only Reigns accompanies him and Ambrose is nowhere in sight. Rollins tells McIntyre that in their match tonight he’s going to show him that HE’S actually the best in the world. Ziggler then lauds the appearance of “2/3rds of The Shield!”

Rollins says Ambrose simply runs on “Ambrose time” but he always shows up. Reigns says they’re all worried about Ambrose when they should be worried about the Universal Title and the Intercontinental Title around he and Rollins’ waist. Rollins suggests to McIntyre that they have their World Cup qualifying match… right now. McIntyre concurs and they will square off next.

World Cup Qualifier: Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre

Bell sounds and the two go back and forth. Rollins ends up going for a suicide dive but McIntyre catches him and hits an overhead throw out on the ringside floor. Rollins fires back and throws McIntyre spine-first into the barricade. Rollins takes control but then Ziggler runs out to the ring and causes a distraction, taking Rollins away from his assault. McIntyre capitalizes and throws Rollins into the exposed ring frame. Commercial break.

Back again and Rollins evades a McIntyre charge and McIntyre goes shoulder-first into the post. Rollins follows up with a blockbuster for a 2-count. Rollins manages to get McIntyre hung upside down on the turnbuckle. Rollins climbs to the top rope but McIntyre sits up and overhead throws Rollins down to the canvas hard. McIntyre stands up on the top rope but Rollins runs up and hits a superplex. They rolls through but it’s McIntyre who transitions into the Falcon Arrow for a near-fall.

They scramble and Rollins hits a superkick. McIntyre ends up outside and Rollins hits consecutive suicide dives out onto McIntyre and Ziggler. Rollins finds himself outnumbered, when suddenly Ambrose’s music hits and he runs out and attacks Ziggler. Rollins hits a Stomp on McIntyre at ringside. The ref is counting them out and Rollins rolls back in just in time and McIntyre is counted out.

Winner: Seth Rollins (Count-Out)


A Brothers of Destruction promo package is shown.


Tag Team Match: Ember Moon & Nia Jax vs. Dana Brooke & Tamina Snuka

Moon starts things off against Brooke but then Jax and Tamina go at it, a battle of the big women. “This is what the women’s evolution is all about,” says Renee Young on commentary. The two go back and forth until Tamina plants Jax with a Samoan Drop and tags Brooke. Jax throws Brooke away with ease and tags Moon, who hits the Eclipse on Brooke for the finish.

Winners: Ember Moon & Nia Jax

After the match, Moon actually turns on Jax to help Tamina dump Jax over the top rope. But then Moons tries to dump Tamina over the top rope. Tamina counters and tries to dump Moon, but then Brooke comes in and dumps them both to the floor. This is all symbolic of the upcoming Battle Royal at Evolution for the No. 1 contenders spot. It’s every woman for themself.


Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey comes out to the ring. She will face Nikki Bella for the belt at Evolution. Rousey says she wants an explanation from the Bellas about why they attacked her last week. The Bellas come out with smug smiles on their faces. Nikki says they don’t owe Rousey an explanation and Brie asks what Rousey expected? Did she expect them to sit on the sidelines watching her? Nikki says she doesn’t understand why Rousey is here, she sure as hell doesn’t deserve it!

Nikki says it was the Bellas who made the word “diva” mean something. They made the world want to see more women’s wrestling. Nikki says Rousey has capitalized on a revolution that the Bellas started. The Bellas made that title around Rousey’s waist. Rousey responds and says she tried her best to be respectful. She knew the WWE was the Bellas territory, but she also abhorred everything that the “divas” era stood for. And she was excited when the Bellas seemed so nice and welcoming, but that was naive.

Rousey says she sees now what they really are. She’s surprised, really, how far the Bellas were able to come with next to no talent. Ultimately, say Rousey, the Bellas just bit the move sets of their boyfriends. Rousey vows to lay them both to waste and make the name Bella into a dirty word in the business. Brie counters that Rousey is just jealous of them because their name has done more in the world of entertainment than Rousey’s ever has. Rousey doesn’t even compare to them.

Rousey responds to the claim that the Bellas “knock down doors” by saying that the only door Nikki has knocked down is the doore to John Cena’s bedroom. But, Rousey says, Cena threw her out of that very same door. Rousey tells the Bellas to come down to the ring for the ass-kicking they deserve. The Bellas start their walks down to aisle but then stop and Nikki does a little diva ass-dance as a privately hired security team comes out and stands guard of the twins.

Rousey tries to get at them and she takes out a few security guards as the Bellas make their escape.

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