Historic Evolution Pay-Per-View Neglected?

Evolution was set to be one of the biggest WWE events, sporting the "women's revolution/evolution" as their banner, but its received little promotion.

Evolution was set to be one of the biggest events on the WWE calendar, with the WWE sporting the “women’s revolution/evolution” as their banner.  However, many media outlets have picked up on the fact that the upcoming pay-per-view has received little promotion, accompanied by a serious lack of storylines.

Failing to Hype


With the situation surrounding the upcoming Crown Jewel pay-per-view being one of the most talked about subjects in the WWE Universe, it appears as if Evolution is just an afterthought. What could have been one of the most iconic events in WWE history feels more like a pity-party.

Since the announcement for Evolution, the WWE has failed to create hype for the upcoming event. While a lack of self-promotion certainly lies at the root of the problem, the ridiculous pay-per-views in Saudi Arabia and the political problems surrounding it have drawn all the attention.

Despite the problems accompanying Crown Jewel, the WWE has not stopped with their promotion of the event. Even though Evolution takes place before Crown Jewel on the 28th of October, Crown Jewel is being promoted a lot more than Evolution. Saying that the situation is a shameful debacle would be an understatement at this point.

Unhappy Wrestlers – Unhappy Matches?

The lack of promotion and the absurdness of cards has been noticed by various female performers too. Yesterday, I reported on the fact that several female superstars on the SmackDown roster had tweeted their discontent with being placed in a lazy Battle Royal. The returning veterans seem to be the only ones who are happy at the moment, so the show could be a big disaster if the talent is not feeling it.

Is Evolution a Victory or a Curse?


With how female talent is being treated at the moment, many of us are wondering if Evolution is truly a step in the right direction. After all, the pay-per-view did not come to fruition until the WWE had signed its deal with Saudi Arabia, which meant a big payday but excluding the female roster from competing.

I have no doubt that the female roster was excited about this pay-per-view when the news first broke, but once the Battle Royal and its participants were announced, the large majority of female talent seemed to be upset with the situation.

The lack of story development and interesting matches certainly makes it seem Evolution is just a distraction for the WWE. It is a PR event that has little to do with the company’s desire to be “revolutionaries” in the women’s division. It almost mirrors the situation in Saudi Arabia, putting the darkest truth about the business under a thin veil of cultural entertainment, no matter how shoddy it is put together.

Personally, if the situation does continue, the entire thing is an insult to the women who work hard – and who have worked hard – to get the women’s division on the map. Morals and values resonate with the loyal fan base of the WWE, not shady money deals nobody wants to be a part of. Nonetheless, I wish the female performers nothing but luck for the upcoming pay-per-view. I will watch Evolution, but Crown Jewel will not be playing on my television.

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