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On National Coming Out Day, Chelsea Handler felt it was appropriate to throw homophobic mud at South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. Handler, who claims to be a gay rights activist, took aim at Graham for the crime of being Republican. For that reason, she has recently launched homophobic comments his way.

Graham was steadfast and vocal in his support of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. For that reason, Handler felt the need to demean him sexually. If there is nothing wrong with being gay, why would the comedienne feel the need to use being gay as an insult?

Graham has a right to be a bachelor and live his life as he chooses. Handler does not agree. On a day when gay people are encouraged to step out of the closet, she felt the need to try to push Graham out of a closet he may or may not be in. Handler wants to respect all people unless they are Republicans.

Handler’s tweet was not very well received among many gay rights activists. It was interpreted for what it is – homophobia. Chelsea is washed up as a comedian and a political activist.

This isn’t the first time Handler has gotten homophobic towards Senator Graham. He is a regular target of hers and she often tries to shame him for being gay, even though there is no evidence that he is. The gay rights Hollywood celebrity believes being gay is a punchline and she can’t see her own hypocrisy.

She also has done this to Jeff Sessions as well. Handler has no qualms about using homosexuality as part of her smear campaign against Republicans.

This is what we should expect from Chelsea Handler. After all, she is the one who honored Martin Luther King on his birthday by serving up some racism on her Twitter account.

Source: Fox News

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