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Smackdown Live: 8 pm EST

Show opens up and Miz is in the ring for an edition of Miz TV. Miz says he has some big news. He will be facing Daniel Bryan at the Super Showdown in Australia and the winner will get a title shot against the WWE Champion. Miz says he’s superior to Bryan. Don’t believe him? Miz reminds everyone he beat Bryan at SummerSlam and Hell In A Cell. He will beat Bryan again. But, Miz says, that’s 3 weeks away. Miz has other business he’d like to attend to for tonight.

He brings out his wife, Maryse, to be his guest on the show. Miz asks her how difficult it was beating Daniel Bryan’s wife, compared with being the greatest wife and mother on earth. Maryse laughs and says beating Brie Bella was the easiest thing she’s ever done. Miz says Brie hooked up with Bryan because she thought she was hitching herself to a big star. Miz suggests that was an error in judgement on her part. Miz asks Maryse what’s next for her and she says she’s going to be stepping away from the ring.

The crowd chants “Yes” and Miz explains they’re chanting “Yes” about the fact she’s going back home to be a great mother. The crowd boos and Miz yells at the crowd to not boo his wife. He says he’ll give them all something to boo about and he calls Bryan out for a fight. Bryan’s music hits and he comes out. Bryan says Miz can talk about him as much as he wants, but when he talks about Bryan’s wife, he’s in for a fight. Bryan charges the ring and goes after Miz but he inadvertently nails Maryse.

Maryse is down and Miz is anxiously tending to her, perturbed and worked up. Medical staff come out with a stretcher and help her as Bryan looks on horrified at what he’s done. Bryan apologizes to Maryse. Suddenly, Maryse gets up and is fine and she smiles deviously. Miz takes advantage of Bryan’s confusion and attacks him. Bryan manages to fight Miz off and Maryse gets bumped for real this time. Bryan stands tall in the ring as Miz and Maryse stumble up the aisle toward the back.


Bryan is interviewed backstage and he says he knows Miz’s tricks and knows he’s a coward. And at Super Showdown, Bryan will be punching his ticket for the WWE Championship opportunity.


New Day and The Bar have a verbal exchange on the mic.

Singles Match: Cesaro vs. Kofi Kingston

Back from commercial and Kofi is climbing to the top rope but Cesaro dropkicks him and Kofi is crotched. Cesaro starts trying to set something up but Kofi spikes him with a tornado DDT. He pins but Cesaro kicks out. Cesaro ends up outside and Kofi does a bouncing flip off the top rope out onto him. Back in the ring and Cesaro starts to get back in it. He plants Kofi with a Neutralizer for the victory.

Winner: Cesaro


Rusev tells Aiden English that he lost the match for them at Hell In A Cell. He tells English he’s not pulling his weight anymore. Rusev leaves and English flips out on a nearby person, saying that Rusev and Lana wouldn’t be anything without him. The whole Rusev Day thing was his idea. He talks some trash about Lana but it turns out Lana is still standing behind him. English tries to retract his words but Lana says she’s going to tell Rusev. She walks off and English follows after her, pleading.


Randy Orton is backstage in the production truck and he’s bullying one of the guys sitting at the monitors. He forces the guy to look at images of Orton yanking on Jeff Hardy’s ear at Hell In A Cell. Orton asks the guy how he feels and asks the guy to just imagine what he’s going to do to his next victim.

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