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MSNBC star Joy Reid has spent the past few years relentlessly bashing President Donald Trump and his supporters every chance she gets. Now, this vilification of over half the country has come back to haunt her in a big way.

Fox News reported that Trump supporter Roslyn La Liberte has filed a lawsuit for defamation against Reid after the MSNBC host falsely accused her of hurling racial slurs at a minor.

In her lawsuit, La Liberte alleges that back in July, Reid falsely claimed that the Trump supporter showed up “to a rally” and “screamed” at 14-year-old Joseph Luevanos that he was a “dirty Mexican” who was “going to be the first deported.” Though Reid was not present at the City Council meeting where this took place, she told her 1.29 million followers that La Liberte needed to be “put on blast.”

After Reid’s tweet went viral, Luevanos came forward to defend La Liberte by saying that she said nothing offensive to him and that their conversation was civil.

“I heard some people were boycotting this woman’s business. I don’t really want that… because she was being civil,” Luevanos said.

Video footage confirms that Reid’s account of what happened was false.

“A few days later and despite the fact that the young man previously and publicly denied Reid’s account of events, Reid openly compared La Liberte’s alleged conduct to racism during the Jim Crow era, stating, in part: ‘History sometimes repeats. And it is full of rage,’” La Liberte’s lawsuit states.

It took days for Reid to finally admit that she was wrong.

“Reid has a demonstrable, extreme, and well-publicized bias against President Donald Trump, his supporters, and the Republican Party. Reid has been described as the ‘heroine of the resistance to President Trump’s leadership,” the lawsuit continues.

This is not the first time that Reid has been caught in a lie. Earlier this year, a series of homophobic blog posts she had written a decade ago surfaced, and the MSNBC host claimed that they had been planted their by mysterious hackers. When this narrative was proven to be false, Reid was forced to tearfully admit that she must have written the posts, but she still claimed that she did not remember doing so.

We’re glad to see that a Trump supporter is finally taking a stand against Reid in court. Reid and her fellow members no longer care whether the information they are spreading about Trump and his supporters is true or not. Instead, all they care about is vilifying Trump and those who voted for him as much as possible. In doing this, they are putting the lives of Trump supporters in danger, and it’s important that we no longer let them get away with this.

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