Hurricane Florence looting

Tragedies can bring out the best and worst in people. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who are willing to loot during a crisis as a North Carolina reporter found out during Hurricane Florence.

Chelsea Donovan, a reporter for WECT, arrived at a Family Dollar in Wilmington as it was being looted and the store’s alarms were blaring. The store was closed taking precautionary measures during the storm and dozens of people took that opportunity to raid itĀ of its items.

“When we came over the hill on Greenfield Street, you could just see people everywhere,” Donovan said.

There was no concern for respecting other people’s property. These people were simply looking to steal snacks, drinks, and other goodies from the neighborhood business. Many looters weren’t even discouraged when the TV camera showed up. They didn’t even care about getting caught.

Donovan attempted to shame them by asking, “You know you’re looting, right?” But, these folks just didn’t care. It’s almost as if they believed a crisis like a hurricane entitled them to loot. Unbelievable! Most people would run from the cameras or drop their stolen items, but not these heathens. They were more concerned with grabbing as much as they could from the shelves of Family Dollar.

Donovan couldn’t find police on the scene and there is a simple reason for that. Store management had asked them not to intervene. Maybe they were concerned about putting the police at risk during a hurricane or maybe they just had enough of this neighborhood and wanted to move the store anyway. This Family Dollar is obviously in a place surrounded by thieves, as evidenced by this video!

If the store leaves the neighborhood, these people will have nobody to blame but themselves. They will have limited their buying and stealing options.

Source: Faith Wire

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