foster parent abuse

Foster kids can often have a rough start in life. Sometimes they get placed with families that care very much for their well-being, but many times, things don’t go that way.

Some foster parents take in kids to make money and that’s the sad reality diners at a New Jersey restaurant encountered during a “What Would You Do?” episode. In the setup, a woman took her biological daughter and foster son to a restaurant. The boy was very excited to be at a restaurant, proclaiming “this is the best day ever” at the thought of having a hamburger.

But, the foster mother made her ill intentions very clear when she loudly told her daughter she could order anything she wanted because she was her “real daughter” while the foster son had to keep within a $4 budget. She and her daughter ordered full meals and even milkshakes while the foster child was only allowed to have french fries.

Thankfully, other diners intervened telling the foster mother that she was being awful to this child. The woman was clearly in it for the money. And while this foster family was comprised of actors, this is a reality for many children who are treated like second-class citizens.

One diner told the boy to order whatever he wanted and she would pay for it. When he went over to thank her, the woman told him to write down his name and phone number as she was going to report the foster mother.

Most people were appalled to see this foster mother treat the boy like a cash cow. Rather than using the money the government meant for his care, she was keeping it for herself. How appalling!


It really hit me in the feelings when he asked the foster mother if she was ever going to adopt him and she said she wasn’t because the checks would stop. The dark truth is, these children are often seen as a revenue stream.

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