Brock Is Making HOW MUCH For One Match!?

The return of Brock Lesnar was unexpected since he was believed to start his UFC career again. His return sees him participating in a match in Saudi Arabia

The return of Brock Lesnar was unexpected since he was believed to start his UFC career back up again. Lesnar will return to the ring in a triple threat match for the Universial Title in Saudi Arabia, which frankly, I might skip. Still, the bout itself is not the icing on the cake. Let’s save that sickly stomach-ache for how much money The Beast is making for this single match.

The Rumored Payment

According to the MMA Fighting, Lesnar will earn seven figures for the Crown Jewel match. The exact amount is not known. We do know that the Saudis paid WWE $45 million this year ($450 Million over ten years) for the major events. If Lesnar’s seven-figure deal is accurate, WWE is giving a sizeable chunk of their contract money directly to Brock.

I have no problems with wrestlers making that kind of money. But how can a company justify spending seven figures on a man that does little to no promotion for his matches? We might be lucky if we get to see Lesnar until a week before the match takes place in Saudi.

Match and Outcome

The fact Lesnar is involved in another title match does not even get me angry anymore. It just makes me stop caring about WWE’s main events. I much rather watch NXT at this point, at least we do not have to deal with overpaid hype.

As for the event in Saudi, the WWE will pull out all the stops for their new business partner. We might even get some pyro for a change. Still, the main event card is dragging the whole thing down. Why not choose something exciting instead of a match that has been tried, tested, and booed?

The only thing I care about is Lesnar not recapturing the WWE Universal Championship. I DO NOT want another Lesnar reign, you might as well hang the title belt around a coat stand!

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