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Tim Tebow keeps inspiring others. The Christian athlete always puts God first no matter what his detractors do to mock him. He is firm in his faith and it is an important part of his brand. He just announced what’s next in his professional life and it will have Christians cheering.

When Tebow switched from professional football to baseball, many wrote him off. But you should never write off Tim Tebow. He has proved himself time and again. Though many expected him to be called up to the New York Mets, he faced a season-ending injury. However, even this will not stop Tim Tebow’s determination.

The star athlete is releasing a new book dedicated to inspiring people to live the life God wants. In “This Is The Day,” Tebow challenges readers to stop delaying what they are being called to do.

“Imagine when hearing the sound of the morning alarm, instead of groaning or slapping the snooze button, your mind, your heart, and your soul awakens to possibility. Something better. Something more. Imagine waking up each day fueled by a whisper: ‘This is the day,’” Tebow says about his new book.

It’s hard to imagine where this man found time to write a book, but with God all things are possible. He appears to be genuinely excited to inspire others to live up to the purposeful life that God wants. Tim Tebow is not lamenting his recent injury. Instead, he using that time to motivate others towards Christ.

A promotional video for the book is in the Christian athlete’s Instagram post below.

This man is a Heisman trophy winner, a possible Major League Baseball player, and now an author. He is the prime example that with God our dreams can become a reality! God continues blessing Tim Tebow for being a faithful servant. Earlier this season, the shadow of a large cross even appeared in front of him on a baseball field. Click here to see that.

You can pre-order Tim Tebow’s book on his website.

Source: Faith Wire

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