The SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships are on the line with the New Day taking on the Bludgeon Brothers. The New Day came out victorious after a grueling number 1 contenders match and now have their opportunity to become tag team champions again. But will they be able to? Let’s see what our team thinks!


I’ve never taken to the Bludgeon Brothers, even though I’d very much like to. I believe both deserve a good career in the WWE, but their gimmick is such as hit and miss for me. So, it is no surprise that I would love to see the New Day as the new SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions.

I would be surprised if the New Day took another loss against the Bludgeon Brothers. Making them lead the SmackDown Live tag team division would make a huge difference in the ratings because let’s face it, who does not like pancakes and “Booty O’s”?

If the Bludgeon Brothers do take the win at Summerslam, WWE writers must scratch their heads a little more and come out with some serious stuff for these guys to do.


I’m not exactly on board with The Bludgeon Brothers. However, I’m also bored of New Day being tag team champions. Why didn’t The Usos get this opportunity? Or, better yet, SAnitY?

However, despite my general “meh” feeling about this match-up, I agree with Sandra that I’d be surprised if New Day takes another “L” against the Bludgies. Hopefully, they’ll win the straps and SmackDown’s tag team division will get a little more exciting in the lead-up to Hell in a Cell.

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