Ronda Rousey Reveals Her Ambitious Future Plans

Many female wrestlers dream about being in the main event of WrestleMania, and this is no different for the WWE's recent addition, Ronda Rousey.

Many female wrestlers dream about being in the main event of WrestleMania, and this is no different for the WWE’s recent addition, Ronda Rousey. Like many wrestlers on the roster, Ronda dreams about the main event.

Ronda Has Been in the Spotlight Before!

Rousey has been in the spotlight before, after all, she has spent a lot of time in the UFC. She has been in the main event of six UFC pay-per-views, complemented by a bunch of co-main events. So, it is not surprising that Ronda is looking to main event one of the biggest WWE pay-per-views as well.

“It’s definitely a goal of mine to be one of the first women to headline WrestleMania, but who that would be against or even if that would be a possibility is yet to be seen.”

She Already Had a Match at WrestleMania

Despite her short career in the WWE, Ronda already had a match at WrestleMania. During the match, she got to be in the squared circle with legends such as Kurt Angle, Stephanie McMahon, and Triple H.

The match at WrestleMania was Rousey’s wrestling debut, and there was a lot of pressure on her to succeed. Fortunately, Rousey put on a great show and started her wrestling career on a fantastic note.

Possible Opponents for Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania

Ronda could face some people in the main event since there are loads of exciting options already. Not taking into account the whole heel/face thing, here are my top picks of Rousey opponents.

1. Naomi

I always loved Naomi’s athleticism and energy in the ring. She is undoubtedly one of the most exciting people to watch and always puts on a good show.

2. Charlotte

Well, you cannot pass on Charlotte either when it comes to some of the most significant wrestling events. She has already made so much history over the years, and a main event match with Ronda Rousey would not look bad on her resume. No matter who she is facing, she always brings her massive charisma and daredevil nature to the table.

3. Asuka

Despite the WWE ruining a good thing by breaking her undefeated streak, Asuka would be a great opponent in the main event. I love her persona, as well as the incessant Japanese shouting in the ring! Asuka has put on some of the best matches in my opinion.

Other Opponents

While I have no doubt other people could put on a good match with Ronda Rousey, including Becky Lynch, the three wrestlers above I believe are the best matches for her. Unfortunately, they are all faces at the moment, but two of them have been convincing heels in the past. Unfortunately, I’m not the biggest fan of Naomi being a heel, but maybe the WWE could work around that?

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