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Rick Harrison isn’t a fan of the participation trophy culture. He made this known during a recent interview with Mark Levin on Fox News. The “Pawn Stars” celebrity also took aim at those people who claim to be educated yet promote socialism.

Handing out trophies to everyone has created a generation of people with a serious sense of entitlement and lack of respect. The pawn star recognizes this. As a successful businessman, Harrison understands that hard work is how you thrive. There is no substitution for hard work and children who don’t learn this are being set up to fail.

“We’re raising an entire generation that gets a participation trophy?” Harrison told Levin.

Levin said he believes he knows who is at fault for this generational crisis: Democratic leadership. Harrison agreed. He also took aim at the Democrats’ intelligence since they are promoting socialism which will destroy our society and bankrupt us.

“I truly believe that if you’re older and you’re educated and you’re touting socialism, you’re either not that intelligent or you’re evil,” Harrison said. “It comes down to that.”

Harrison is a conservative and a capitalist who understands that socialism is not going to work in this country. Hard work is always a better way to pull yourself out of poverty than hand-outs. The Democrats want things to be free, but nothing is free because someone ultimately is picking up the tab.

When everything is free, it no longer becomes appreciated or respected. Harrison understands this as he never went to college. In fact, he dropped out of school in the 9th grade and had to support himself at a young age.

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Conservatives look up to hard-working men like Rick Harrison. He pulled himself up by his bootstraps at a young age and though he came from very little, he made something of himself. You can’t achieve the American Dream with participation trophies. Harrison realizes results and responsibilities matter and we need to teach that to young people.

You can watch the entire interview with this Conservative star in the video below.

Source: Western Journal

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