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A video of a police dog performing CPR on his partner is going viral for all the right reasons. It’s adorable and a great reminder of how amazing dogs are. Dogs are loyal companions. While some family and friends have turned their backs on us, our dogs always remain faithful. They would put their lives on the line to protect us and this pup proves it.

When a Madrid Municipal Police Officer “collapsed,” this loving dog named Poncho attempted to resuscitate him. As soon as the man hit the floor, Poncho sprung into action. He jumped on the officer’s chest for compressions and tried to give him mouth to mouth to help the man out. Poncho even checked the downed officer’s pulse!

Poncho is clearly a smart boy who learned CPR! He did chest compressions again before the officer “came to.” This lovable pooch saved the day and was rewarded with lots of applause and viral video fame. “He is feeling better. Good!,” the announcer said when the police officer stood up.

The Madrid Municipal Police Department wrote when sharing the video on social media, “It was a heroic performance from Poncho, who did not hesitate in saving the life of an officer with perfect CPR.”

Even though it was just a fun exercise, it shows how incredibly bright Poncho is. Service dogs have demonstrated for years how capable they are of helping people with daily activities. But, Poncho took it a step further by learning a lifesaving technique that many adults don’t even know how to do properly!

If you are a dog lover, you will adore the video below!

The video was taken as part of canine training for health emergencies and though it is a lighthearted video, it proves that dogs are willing to learn anything to help their masters!

Source: Mirror

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