meghan markle emmy rejection

The liberal world of Hollywood just tried to lure Meghan Markle back into their fold by inviting her to the Emmy Awards, but she wasn’t having any of it.

Fox News reported that Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry, were invited to the television awards show as special guests. However, it has since been reported that Meghan has “politely” declined the invitation, as she has had enough of Hollywood and has no intention of going back.

“Show executives and NBC had offered Harry and her an invitation to celebrate with the biggest stars around, meet her showbiz friends and even present an honor,” a television insider said. “We had hoped Meghan would attend as a way of saying goodbye to her Suits fans and colleagues.”

However, The Sun reported that Meghan has “politely turned down” the invitation, creating a “line in the sand” between herself and Hollywood. Many pundits had predicted that Meghan would be nominated for her role as Rachel Zane in “Suits,” and it was confirmed that she was submitted in the category of  “Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.”

“Meghan Markle was entered by the awards consultants for the USA Network,” said a Television Academy spokesperson. “They verified that she and/or her reps were aware that the entry was being made and had advised to go ahead and proceed with the submission.”

However, Meghan did not end up getting nominated.

Meghan has made it abundantly clear that she is retired and has no interest in ever returning to acting, yet Hollywood just can’t seem to take no for an answer. The liberals who run Hollywood would do well to respect Meghan’s wishes and stop trying to get her back into their world, as she is onto much bigger and better things!

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