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These days most entertainers don’t prioritize faith. God has taken a backseat in many of their lives as they live in excess. But, not Jay DeMarcus of the Rascal Flatts.

The bassist and his wife Allison are raising their children Madeleine and Dylan in the south. It’s important that southern tradition and culture are instilled in their children and that’s why Jesus is taking a central role.

“We live in the Bible belt. I was born and raised in church,” Jay told People. “That’s something that was really, really important to me, to build that foundation with our kids so they at least went to church. God knows Dylan’s gonna need it later in life. I’ve actually started putting the handcuffs on him so he could get used to the feel of them.”

The Rascal Flatts is a country band with tremendous crossover appeal but Jay is not concerned about backlash from mainstream fans that aren’t religious. He understands that as a parent, he has to raise his kids as he feels fit and Christianity is vital to teaching Madeline and Dylan morals.

“We try to take him to church — try to let him know who Jesus is,” Jay continued. “It’s really important for me that they’re ingrained in a good church and have that good foundation to build upon. I think that’s a core value system that you’ll find anywhere you go in the south.”

DeMarcus grew up attending church every Sunday. Singing in the choir on Wednesdays helped him develop his love for music. He owes a lot to his faith and he wants to share that with his children. Christianity is an important part of life in their Nashville home.

In the video below, Jay discusses why it’s important to raise his kids as Christians and with traditional southern values.

Source: People

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